Baliku Weddings - Bali Wedding Consultant
Baliku Weddings is a dynamic and innovative company that exceeds the expectations of its clients by providing both a professional and personal service. We offer tailor made wedding consultancy that is individual and unique to your personal requirements and specific needs.

Bali, known as Island of the Gods, is an ideal location for your special day.  Whether it is a legal wedding ceremony or a non legal ceremony such as a vow renewal or Balinese blessing, Bali can make this important day of your life a magical and memorable one.

Here at Baliku Weddings we understand that each and every aspect of your special day requires perfect preparation and attention to detail.  We specialize in such a service by working closely together with you to create your dream and provide a ceremony which reflects your individual taste and style.

Our talented western Wedding Consultants will provide a cutting edge service that is executed with professional care and attention. By dealing with experienced western consultants you can be confident that all communications will be smooth and effortless throughout your wedding arrangements.

Whether there is just the two of you traveling alone, or you are joined by guests, we offer a competitively priced, faultless planning process ensuring that both you and your guests enjoy an experience of a life time.

Your dream becomes ours……
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